Introducing Game-
Changing D4 Bots

Automate the whole story at the push of a button with the Orion D4 Bot or Enhance Your Gameplay with EyeAuras D4 Pixel AI Scripts. 

Unleash EyeAuras D4 Pixel Bot



D4 Bot Detect & Kill Prioritize Settings


Customizable Combat Routines


Customizable D4 Bot Scripts


Auto Loot & Vendor bot settings


Automate Healing


Auto Travel


Salvage and return settings

7 Day Trial


EyeAuras Premium Monthly


Orion: The advanced
memory D4 Bot



Auto-complete Storyline


Gold Farming Up to 10 Million per hour


Hand Free Dungeons & Cellar


Auto Loot & Vendor bot settings


Combat Rotation


Customizable Selling & Storage


Easy to configure



Support English UI

Support for all Char, with testing indicating that Druid and Barb are the best.

Support automatic opening of all Lilith altar functions

Support automatic main quest function, automatic completion of acts 1-6

Automatically allocate skill points for each class, effective for players below level 50.

Automatically switch to high-intensity equipment, effective for players below level 50.

Support for running multiple clients simultaneously.

Support for pickit equipment attribute filtering.
Auto Sell & Repair

Support for whispering coins gambling.

Currently supports 12 dungeons, with plans to support more in the future.

Support for feature to activate teleportation points,

Support for single dungeon Leave Instance + Logout.

Support for follow mode,
"place kill."mode,
"Path kill."mode

Characters will prioritize attacking boss monsters with shield auras.

BOT supports online updates, with more features to be added in the future.

Free Trial

1 Computer

1 Session


1 Session

1 Computer

1 Session


Multiple Session

1 Computer

3 Sessions



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Unleashing the power of Orion D4 Bot or Advanced EyeAuras Diablo 4 bot scripts!

Unleashing Orion: Join the Rise of Diablo 4 Bots with early access!

If you are on windows 10 you can run Orion bot just fine. With EyeAuras you can run many D4 Bot scripts or wait for the advanced D4 Bot by EyeAuras is released too.

Gaining an advantage in Diablo 4 is easy!

Revolutionize Your Diablo 4 Experience with the Orion Bot: Unleash the Power of Automation

With Orion bot requiring Windows 10 OS the EyeAuras will work on even the latest windows 11.

Diablo 4 Automated Leveling: Dominate with Advanced AI Assistance!

EyeAuras is The Ultimate Game Changer for Diablo 4 pixel based automation!

Introducing Undetected Automation: Your Ultimate Companion in Diablo 4

With advanced memory bots such as Orion or pixel based AI such as EyeAuras that gets around detection methods by being non intrusive, each bot has their own set of security measures put in place.

Unleash the Power of Pixel bots in Diablo 4: Dominate D4 with Cutting-Edge Automation

Diablo 4 Bot Trial is for 24 hours typically in 20 minute intervals for Orion bot you can test it out free!

Using Diablo 4 EyeAuras scripts you can test with a 2 week trial key to EyeAuras.

Diablo 4 Bots are always updated and maintained for security.

Level Up Faster with Diablo 4 Bots available with D4Assist!

Mastering Diablo 4 with the Power of Bots

Make sure to disable the firewall or turn off the antivirus software, then restart the computer and try again. The simplest solution would be to download and install the free version of Huorong from their official website at After installation, restart the computer and then run our software

Whether you are grinding or farming in Diablo 4 these bots will have you covered!

Unleashing the Combat Rotations in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Automation with D4 Assist is top quality.

Enhance Your Gameplay with D4Assist: Level Up Faster and Conquer Diablo 4 Storyline at the push of a button!

The Settings of the computer need to change three: the format and locale language must be changed to simplified (missing one item is not possible);

Automating combat routines in Diablo 4

1: Disable the built-in hyper-V function of the system.; 2: After restarting the computer and successfully accessing the desktop, restart the computer again. Then, register and activate the software before launching the game. (Blue screen issues are usually caused by system driver compatibility problems. We recommend installing the operating system suggested in the ‘s recommended operating system link.

Automated Gameplay: How Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Diablo 4 with Bots

You need to change three settings on your computer: format, region, and language. Change them all to Simplified Chinese. It is essential to have all three settings changed.

Diablo 4: Handpicking the Perfect AI Tools

Diablo 4 Bots ready to use and safe.

Usually, this happens when you try to use a registration code meant for the single version with the dual version or vice versa

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Diablo 4’s Cutting-Edge Machine Casting

: This usually happens when another software interferes with the machine code, causing the previous registration machine code to be abnormal. If you are sure that it is being used on the same computer, please contact customer service for unbinding. After restarting the computer, activate this software with the registration code first before opening any other software.

Enhancing the Gaming Experience: Exploring the Impact of Diablo 4’s AI-driven Bots

If you haven’t yet signed up for this diablo 4 bot you can get remote help to set it up.

Diablo 4 Bots are easy to setup and free to try.

Introducing the Game-Changing D4 Bots – Unleash the Power in Diablo 4

Enhance your gameplay with a D4 Bot!

In that case, try installing 360 security guards. After installation, run our software and promptly allow any interception prompts from 360. If the error still persists after pressing the launch hotkey for the game, restart the computer. Generally, this should resolve the issue.

Unleashing the Power of Automation using a Diablo 4 Bot free to try!

Increase the background frame rate in the game’s graphics settings, and you can try setting it to 60 frames per second

You need to use the dual version. Set up the account and password in the auto-login interface, and uncheck the option of saving account and password for Bnet. Then use the auto-login feature to log in.

 In the AFK status interface, click “Stop” next to the specific window to stop it. To start a particular game window, switch to that game window and press F10 to start

Try deleting the D4_Pickup.ini file in the C drive, then reopen our software.

You need to increase the release speed of basic/core skills in the skill settings interface

You can add the first account and select the desired dungeon in the settings of one instance, then save the settings and start it. Then add the second account and select a different dungeon, save the settings, and start it. Alternatively, you can create configurations in the
multi-configuration interface, matching the character’s name with the respective configuration, allowing you to launch specific configurations regardless of the settings on the interface. 

Engage one monster in any Nightmare dungeon, start the script, and it will automatically farm
the selected dungeon. 

You need to complete a prerequisite mission near the teleportation point in the Bear Tribe
Refuge. After completing the mission, you can enter the Sacred Refuge. For specific details, you
can search online.

In the game’s graphics settings, set all adjustable options to their lowest and disable any
possible visual quality options, especially the resolution percentage, which should be set to the
lowest. Close the game client completely and log in again. 

It is highly likely that your computer’s antivirus firewall is causing the script to run very slowly. The simplest and most convenient solution is to download and install the free personal version of
Huorong from their official website at After installation, restart the
computer and then run our software. 

Unbinding does not consume any usage time. You can safely change machines.

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